3 Popular Japanese Food

When you come on a trip, it’s a pleasure to enjoy the local gourmet food. Now, Japanese food is loved all over the world.

In 2013, Wasyoku(traditional Japanese cuisine) was recognized as an Intangible Cultual Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Let’s start with some foods that you should definitely try while in Japan.


Sushi is a combination of vinegared rice and seafood. Generally, “Sushi” means nigiri sushi, but there are many other variations.

Sushi has more than 1000 years history, and has been popular with Japanese people since ancient times. There are various price ranges from high-end restaurants to 100-yen Kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi.

Kaiten sushi has a menu other than raw goods, so even people who are not good at raw goods can enjoy it.

Budget:1,000 ~ 10,000yen



Ramen is a combination of soup, Chinese noodles, and various ingredients. The four standard soup flavors are soy sauce, Tonkotsu (pork bones), salt and miso.

Ramen came to Japan from China about 400 years ago. Since then, ramen has evolved uniquely and has become one of Japan’s leading dishes.

Each region has its own unique Ramen, so it would be fun to compare them.

Budget:1,000 ~ 2,000yen


Tempura is a Japanese dish of lightly-battered and deep-fried vegetables and seafood. Batter is made by dissolving flour and eggs with water.

The prototype of tempura has been around for over 1000 years, and it seems that rice flour was used for batter at that time. It is said that it has become the current style of using flour for batter for about 450 years.

It’s also a popular way to enjoy Tempura on soba or rice.

Budget:1,000 ~ 2,000yen
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