3 Popular Local Food in Hiroshima

In Japan, each region has its own food culture. Of course, there are many local gourmets in Hiroshima.

Today, we picked up local gourmet that you should try while you stay in Hiroshima. There are many things I can’t list here, so if you find something you like, please give it a try.



Okonomiyaki is deeply entrenched in the culture of Hiroshima. It has been popular since ancient times, and there are about 1,700 okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima.

There are two main types of okonomiyaki: Hiroshima style and Kansai style. Kansai style mix ingredients and bake, on the other hand, Hiroshima style layer the ingredients and bake then add the noodles.

Toppings are also possible, so please arrange your favorite things such as cheese and mochi to your liking.

Budget:1,000 ~ 2,000yen


Oysters have been cultivated for over 400 years in Hiroshima. More than 50% of Japan’s oysters production are produced in Hiroshima.

The waves of Hiroshima Bay are quiet and the tides are moderate, which is a good condition for oysters. Therefore, the oysters are large, crunchy, and have a rich taste.

There are various ways to eat raw, grilled, fried, and ahijo, but whichever is the best.

Budget:1,000 ~ 2,000yen


Ramen is a combination of soup, Chinese noodles, and various ingredients. The Hiroshima ramen is basically Tonkotsu (pork bone) soy sauce soup.

But some areas, such as Kure and Onomichi, you can find ramen which have different features. In addition, new types of ramen, such as Tsukemen and Shirunashi Tantanmen, are being introduced one after another.

It might be no exaggeration to say Hiroshima is a ramen paradise.

Budget:1,000 ~ 2,000yen
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