Hiroshima climate and its preparation

Japan has four seasons and is a humid country. Therefore, depending on the season, it ’s like having something to prepare.
I would like to tell you about preparations and climate.

March-May Spring season


It’s a pretty cool season from the second half of March to May.
Please note that there is a considerable temperature difference between day and night.
If you are dressed in the daytime, you may not be able to spend the night because it is cold, so be careful.
It’s relatively warm in the daytime, and you can spend enough time with a single coat.
It’s a little cold when it rains, so you can get rid of it by wearing a thin water-repellent coat to protect yourself from the cold.

At the beginning of April, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and cherry blossom viewing is held.

June-August summer season

The sun will be stronger from around the middle of June.
It is an image that many people spend their time with one T-shirt around this time.
It gets a little cold at night, but it’s a season when you can spend enough time with a shirt with a collar.
It gets quite hot from around July and the humidity is high so don’t get dehydrated.
Frequent hydration is required.
If you don’t like the heat, you should avoid it in July and August.

June is the rainy season
June in Japan is the rainy season, so it is the rainy season.
Sometimes it rains half of the month
It may be important to be flexible, such as changing the schedule in a hurry.


One fun thing is to see fireflies!


By the beginning of September, a little cool breeze will come out.
While it is a season that makes it easier to spend, be careful about the temperature at night.
This is also the season when food is delicious, so
I think it’s perfect for people who like vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Miyajima in autumn colors is very beautiful
In the latter half of October, Miyajima will be filled with autumn leaves.
Miyajima at this time is a comfortable temperature
It is very popular and the scenery is superb.
Marine sports such as sap, water skiing and surfing are popular during this time.

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The coldness of Japan is tsundere.
It’s a little different from the snowy country.
Since the end is very dangerous when it gets cold, many hokkairo are sold.
Many people have it on hand.
However, snow cover varies from place to place.
Rest assured that there is almost no snow in the center of Hiroshima.
On the contrary, when you go to the northern mountains, you need to be careful because it will accumulate a lot.

Winter sports are at this time.
Hiroshima has mountains where you can snowboard and ski, so there are many popular spots that many people from Japan and abroad can come to.

How was it?
Depending on the time of year, it may become a tourist attraction,
Because sports also depend on the time of year
Please refer to this.

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