The charm of Sandankyo

Watashibune where you can enjoy the scenery

Two boats operate in Sandankyo.
You can see the scenery with names such as “Kurobuchi” and “Saruhi”.
You can see the fresh green around April
From late October to November, you can see the spectacular autumn colors, so this time is recommended.

You can also use the YAMAP app.

“Kurobuchi Watashibune” …
Business hours: 9: 00 ~ 16: 00
Capacity: [Large] 27 people [Small] 17 people
Fee: Adult round trip 500 yen, one way 300 yen
Child round trip 400 yen, one way 200 yen
Access: 50 minutes walk on the promenade from the front exit of Sandankyo
“Monkey Flying Boat” …
Business hours: 10: 00 ~ 15: 00 (closed in winter)
Capacity: [Large] 14 people
Fee: Adult round trip 500 yen
Child round trip 300 yen
Access: 50 minutes walk on the promenade from the front exit of Sandankyo

You can also enjoy kayak SUP
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The river is highly transparent and you can see the beautiful scenery.
You can enjoy leisure time.
There are many very gentle courses, and you can experience kayaking by renting a set of equipment.
Recommended for beginners.
Period: Early May to late September
Fee: Kayak experience 3,000 yen (including equipment set, insurance fee, instructor fee)
Kayak school 6,000 yen (5,000 yen for bringing your own boat)
Contact: Rapid Kayak School 090-7898-3736
Online reservation:
Period: Mid-June to late September
Price: SUP experience 5,000 yen
SUP experience fee: including boat, paddle, life jacket, helmet, insurance fee
Number of people: 1 to 5 people
Inquiries: General Incorporated Association Regional Trading Company Akiota 0826-28-1800

Enjoy nature on a forest therapy tour
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Forest therapy refers to the “forest bathing effect” that has a healing effect.
Maintaining and improving physical and mental health by strolling in the forest,
It is also said to be good for preventing illness.
Slowly walk in the woods with your guide
It is a tour where you can lie down and feel the nature.

Fee: 3500 yen per person for 1 guide and 2 participants

The quaint Sandankyo Hotel

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ノスタルジックな空間 #三段峡ホテル

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A hot spring inn located at the entrance of the Sandankyo Valley.
The building is made of wood and has a very quaint atmosphere.
In the large communal bath, you can see fresh greenery in spring, fireflies in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn.

After enjoying Sandankyo, it is possible to stay here.
Click here to make a reservation.

Official site:

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