5 Recommended Sports Manga in Japan

In Japan, there are many sports manga. Among them, there are many masterpieces in sports manga set in school club activities.

The reason is that not only sports but also the growth of characters through sports. This time, we have picked up 5 works that we would like to recommend the most.

The Prince of Tennis

Ryoma Echizen, a genius tennis boy with a history of winning four Jr tournaments in various states in the United States.

After returning from the United States, Ryoma enters the prestigious tennis club “Seishun Gakuen Middle School”.

A story that Ryoma, who became a regular in the first grade and joined the Seigaku Tennis Club aiming to win the national championship, grows up through various competition schools, rivals, and sometimes friends.


Hanami Sakuragi, a red-haired bad boy who entered Shohoku High School, hates basketball because she was dumped from 50 women in middle school and the last woman liked “Oda-kun in the basketball club”.

However, Haruko Akagi, who talked in the hallway, recommends to join the basketball club because of Hanamichi’s height, muscles, and physical ability. Hanamichi fell in love with Haruko at first sight and joined the basketball club despite being a complete beginner.

After that, through steady practice and games, he gradually awakens to the fun of the basket, and the talent buds quickly bloom.


One day, a small boy, Shoyo Hinata, who happened to see the TV of Haru-Ko Valley, was fascinated by the ace of Karasuno High School, who was called a “small giant” and started playing volleyball.

Although Hinata had a great deal of extraordinary motor nerves and passion to compensate for the physical disadvantage of short stature, there were no instructors or members in the volleyball club of junior high school, and he was unable to improve his skills.

In the summer of the third year of junior high school, at last the first and last official match that finally gathered members and participated, he is defeated by Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School, with genius setter Tobio Kageyama.

After that, Hinata joined Karasuno High School Volleyball Club to revenge Kageyama. But, on the first day of club, Kageyama was there as a teammate.

Yowamushi Pedal

A new student at Sohoku High School, Sakamichi Onoda is an otaku boy who loves anime, games, manga and Akihabara. One day, Onoda was challenged to a bicycle race by his classmate Shunsuke Imaizumi.

For Imaizumi, who had been active in bicycling during his junior high school years, the steep slope with a slope of 20% or more was a mamacha, and the hills that he climbed while singing were an “incredible sight.” However, Onoda is defeated one step later.

A few days later, Onoda became friends with Shokichi Naruko, who had just moved from Kansai. Naruko has been active in cycling at junior high school, and Onoda will know its ability from a strange thing.

Onoda, who discovered “fun to ride on a bicycle fast” that he had never experienced in the encounter with Imaizumi and Naruko, joins the bicycle competition club.


Sena Kobayakawa, a timid high school student who attends Deimon High School, decided to enter the “Deimon Devil Butts” American football club as soon as he entered the school.

On the way back, Senna was entangled with the bad guys and blew up to Mumon station to escape and boarded. The next day, the captain of the American football club, Hill Ma, who witnessed it, was forced to become a player the next day, and he will compete in the spring tournament under the registered name “EYESHIELD21” with his only special feature, speed.

Although he managed to win in the first match while borrowing many helpers, he lost to the powerful player “Ojo White Knights” in the next match. However, Sena begins to want to beat Shin, the strongest linebacker, from the bottom of his heart.

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