5 Recommended GHIBLI Anime

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation production company. Has produced many masterpieces, loved all over Japan regardless of age or sex.

This time, we have picked up 5 of the most recommended works.

Castle in the Sky

Girl Theta was caught by a government agency and was on an airship. Their aim was the mysterious blue stone pendant thatTheta inherited from her late mother. At the same time, the aerial pirate Dora family attacked the stone, and the theta who tried to escape accidentally fell from the airship.

Theta falls slowly while being fainted by the strange light emitted by the stone, and is helped by a boy Pazu who works in the mine. Pazu finds out that Theta is being chased and protects her and flies together. The two are chased by the Dora family and fall into an abandoned mine in the valley, but they are saved again by the power of stone.

According to old man Pom, who is familiar with stones, it is a flying stone made of Laputa in the past. Laputa is a legendary castle that floats in the sky, but now the father of the deceased Pazu has seen Laputa for the first time, and it was a dream of Pazu to go to Laputa. Curiously, Theta’s house also inherited the secret name “Laputa.”

Spirited Away

A 10-year-old girl, Chihiro, wanders into a deserted town through a strange tunnel in the forest as she travels with her parents. It was a place where humans should not come in a world inhabited by eight million gods that look like monsters.

Chihiro’s parents touched the food to the gods at the restaurant without permission, and he was punished as a pig. Chihiro also loses his way home and seems to disappear, but it is saved by the boy Haku who lives in this world.

Haku was working in a bathhouse called “Yuya” where eight million gods gathered as guests. The master of Yuya is Yubaba, a terrifying witch who steals and rules his opponent. Haku teaches Chihiro that those who do not have jobs can be transformed into animals. Chihiro asks Yubaba to hire him, takes his name away and renames him “Sen,” and works at Yuya.

Princess Mononoke

Ashitaka, a boy who lives in the village of Emishi, which is said to be between the east and north of Japan, exterminates the monster called Tatari God who attacked the village, but receives a curse of death in his right arm.

The true identity was a giant boar god who was shot by a gunball and was turned into a tatari god by hating others. Ashitaka is exiled from the village due to a curse, and departs to the west land where the boar came to break the curse.

During the journey, after encountering a mysterious man, Zikobo, Ashitaka heads to a place with a deep forest where God heard from Zikobo. Ashitaka helps the men who had fallen in the mountains and takes them back to their village.

The village is said to be the iron-making village called Tatara. A woman named Eboshi who controls the village had a villager build a gun called a stone fire arrow to protect the village from “Mononoke” who lives in the mountains and the samurai who aimed at the iron of the village.

Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso, a pig operating a crimson flying boat, used to be an ace of the Italian Air Force when he was a human, but now he lives in a small island in the Adriatic Sea, where he lives as a bounty hunter for exterminating airborne pirates.

One night, Polco visits Hotel Adriano, run by Gina, who used to be familiar with him, and meets Curtis, an American man operating a flying boat. Curtiss was a bouncer hired by the Air Force Coalition.

After a while, Polco, who was flying towards Milan for the engine maintenance of his favorite boat, Savoia, encounters Curtiss and is shot down while the engine is not working.

When Porco brings his beloved boat to the studio Piccolo in Milan, he and his grandson, 17-year-old girl Fio, will jointly repair it. Polco is reluctant, but is bound by Fio’s enthusiasm and entrusts him with the design of his machine.

My Neighbor Totoro

Satsuki, an elementary school student, and Mei, her younger sister, move with their father to a farm village in early summer to treat her mother. A lot of small black ghosts lived in the vacant house after moving.

At first, they were surprised, but when they heard that a grandmother next door looked like a child, it was harmless, and when people started living, they suddenly disappeared, and Satsuki stumbles, and Mei grumbles, “I’m boring.” ..

On the day when Satsuki’s school goes to rice planting vacation, they go to see their mother, who is hospitalized. The two worried that their mother didn’t like ghosts, but they weren’t scared at all and saw her saying, “I want to see ghosts too,” feeling reassured, the two hope that their mother will be discharged from the hospital early and will be able to live together.

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