5 Recommended Music Manga in Japan

Can you express the music without using any sound? In Japan, there are many wonderful works that express music in cartoons.

This time, we have picked up 5 music mangas that you should read. Please enjoy the works with music, emotion and sometimes laughter!

Forest of Piano

Kai Ichinose grew up using abandoned pianos at the edge of the forest as toys. One day, Shuhei Amamiya, who has the father of a world-class pianist, comes to Kai as an elementary school student.

Amamiya was surprised to see Kai playing the piano in the forest and tells the story to elementary school music teacher Sosuke Ajino. Formerly a genius pianist, Ajino noticed Kai’s talent and welcomed him as a disciple.

Kai, who met Amamiya and Ajino, developed his talent as a pianist and eventually challenged the world at the Chopin Competition.

Nodame Cantabile

Shinichi Chiaki, an elite music university student who aims to become a conductor, was unable to go to Europe, which is the home of classical music, due to severe airplane and ship phobia, and spent days worried about feeling stuck in the future.

Responding to the education policy of the homeroom professor, he broke up after an argument. She broke up and became desperate when she broke up. One day, Chiaki gets drunk and falls asleep in front of his house.

When Chiaki woke up, there was a woman playing a beautiful piano sonata in the dust and stench. Her name was Nodame, she lived in the room next to Chiaki and was enrolled in the piano department of the same music college.

Nodame used shampoo every three days, but Chiaki felt the natural talent hidden in Nodame. And Nodame is also attached to him, yearning for Chiaki’s appearance and musical talent. Since this encounter, Chiaki has come to engage her with somehow to bring out her bad talent.


Yukio Tanaka, a 14-year-old boy who was dissatisfied thinking that “the world will move without problems even if I do not have anything, and my life will pass”, there is nothing in school and what to do he couldn’t do it, and he had an ordinary day.

One day, while helping a dog who had been bullied on his way home from school, he had an accidental encounter with the owner, Ryusuke Minami, and when he received a guitar from Ryusuke as a thank-you for helping the dog, he began to enter the world of music.

The band: BECK and English name: Mongolian Chop Squad (M.C.S) will be formed around Ryusuke and Yukio. Needless to say, after the band was formed, Yukio faced his music devoted himself to repeated failures and frustrations, but BECK’s colleagues were influenced by Yukio and stepped forward step by step with his belief in music as a driving force. Is drawn.

Your Lie in April

After receiving severe guidance from her mother who was a teacher once, and winning numerous piano competitions with accurate and unmatched performances, Kosei Arima Kosei lost his piano sound after the death of his mother and moved away from the competition.

Three years later in April. A 14-year-old public friend, through his childhood friend Tsubaki Sawabe, met a violinist, Kaori Miyazono, of the same age under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Upon hearing Kaori’s overwhelming and distinctive performance at the violin competition, the world of monotony, which had been seen as monotone since the death of his mother, begins to become colorful.

Blue Giant

A high school student, Dai Miyamoto, who lives in Sendai, has a straight personality, but he was living a student life because he didn’t know what he wanted to do in the future. One day, Miyamoto was fascinated by the jazz song that he heard and decided to become a saxophone player after seeing his first jazz performance at a live house.

Although I continued to work part-time to buy saxophone, it did not accumulate easily, but my older brother Masayuki bought a sax with a loan and gave it to Dai.This award-winning manga from Shinichi Ishizuka, compiled into five omnibus volumes for its English debut, is a pitch-perfect drama about the power of music.

After practicing the saxophone every day on the way home from school, Dai received an invitation to perform live from the owner of the musical instrument store who met when he made the lead purchase.

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