5 Japanese Manga You Must Watch

Japanese anime has received high praise worldwide in recent years and has now developed into a large industry that supports the Japanese economy.

This time, we have picked up 5 highly recommended works out of many anime. If you are trying for the first time, please start from these!

Mobile Suit Gundam

The story is about the future world, Universal Century 0079, about half a century after the start of space colonization.

Side 3 challenges the Revolutionary War against the federal government by calling itself the Principality of Zeon. Despite the overwhelming difference in national power, Zeon gained an advantage through innovative tactics such as the introduction of mobile suits and colony drop, killing half of both populations.

Major Char Aznable of Zeon pursued a new weapon of the Earth Federation Forces and arrived at Neutral Colony Side 7, which is under construction. Amuro Ray, son of Tem Ray, a federal technician and mobile suit developer, embarks on the new Federal Mobile Suit Gundam in the turmoil of battle.

Lupin the 3rd

Lupine the 3rd is a great thief who has Arsène Lupine as his grandfather. Lupine is amusing and weak to women, and has some clumsiness, but he has high intelligence and skill, and he always robs the target prey.

In addition, he has a policy as a big thief, such as not stealing that would destroy the life of a serious person, not killing uselessly, and taking care not to kill the police officer who is chasing himself.

Working with the brilliant sniper Jigen and the swordsman Goemon, they will overcome many difficulties.

Code Geass

Imperial Year August 10, 2010, the world’s only superpower, the Holy Britannian Empire, confronted Japan over the underground resource Sakuradite, declared war, and invaded Japan.

Japan is occupied and is called “Area 11” by Britannia. The Japanese were despised as “Eleven”, deprived of their freedom and ruled by the governor of Britannia. Britannia controlled one-third of the world with a humanoid weapon called the “Knightmare Frame.”

Seven years after the invasion of Japan, a Britannian boy, Lelouch Lamperouge, who lives in Japan, was given the power of absolute observance “Geass” by the mysterious girl C.C.


Akane Tsunemori was assigned to the Criminal Division of the Public Security Bureau as a new observer. Akane’s subordinates are four people who are given new weapons like the observer, but have a high crime coefficient because they can understand and predict crimes.

From the first day, Akane has dealt with an unusual situation that could be taken as a blunder, and while receiving harsh words from another observer, Ginoza, Kogami encourages him to continue growing.

Kogami’s past is revealed as he escapes from the eyes of the surveillance system “Sibyl” and solves the horrific incidents that occur one after another.

Cowboy Bebop

The time is 2071. Human beings who have entered the era of space exploration are expanding their living sphere within the solar system, and as a measure against deteriorating security, bounty hunters who catch wanted criminals, so-called “cowboys”, are playing an active role.

Cowboy entrepreneur Spike Spiegel and his buddy Jet Black are cruising through space on board the Bebop spacecraft, a modified old fishing boat. They sometimes catch big prize money, but they can’t afford it because there are many claims for damages from the general public involved in the rough method.

They sometimes catch big prize money, but they can’t afford it because there are many claims for damages from the general public involved in the rough method. Despite some circumstances, the Bebop fostered a loose bond and was involved in various uproars everywhere they went.

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